Working with Jools and the services she has provided for our company, was amazing. The service rendered for us took the company to another level, business wise. She was able to fully grasp on to the creativity of our website and properly display it on the agency’s website. Her work was professional and done in a timely manner.
Susy Najera

Mental Health Office Manager, Changing Tree Wellness Center, LLC

Julia Theriault has been instrumental in the growth of our business through web page development and general media marketing. We have received many compliments (and secured many contracts) because of the professionally presented website. We understand that this presence is vital to doing business in the socially connected world we live in, and couldn’t be happier with the results. We highly recommend Julia and her professional services to any and all future clients. 5 out of 5 stars.
Andrew Drath
Andrew Drath

Owner, Drath and Associates

Julia is very easy to work with and her work is always professional.  It’s so nice to work with a business owner instead of a large corporation.  The service Julia provides is reliable and honest which is getting harder to find these days.  Not to mention the quality of her service vs the price is a great deal.  I highly recommend Julia.  She genuinely cares about your business or need.
Jeremy Nestor

Owner, Quality Yard and Home Maintenance

Julia is a pleasure to work with. She is always on time with her creations – always meets her dead-lines. Very important in the marketing world. She is incredibly creative and comes up with the most wonderful ideas. She is totally trustworthy, has high integrity, plus consistent quality of her work . She is not happy with the work until you are happy. She has a charming quality about her. She doesn’t flap or get irritated, she just loves what she does. And she’s brilliant at it. A tremendous team player. I love working with Julia, because I know I’ll get what I want!
Valorie Grant

VP Marketing, Retired

Jools is a reliable web designer for all my clients. I feel confident in referring my clients to her for all their website needs, because I know that they are going to be taken care of the way I expect them to be. Whether they need a new website from scratch or  just need their website revitalized, Jools creativity and professionalism always comes through.
David Figueroa

Owner , Computer & Networking Services of South Florida, LLC

Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed working with Julia. She’s not only a rock-star designer, but she’s fast! She is able to whip up original illustrations faster than you can google “Clip-art of…”. She’s positive, full of ideas, and tons of fun. When ever I need original work, I go to her first. No doubt!
Brandon Eastin

Marketing Manager, Northland International University

Julia is an excellent source of creativity and uniqueness. She is very easy to work with and completes work in a timely fashion. I’d recommend Julia to any company looking for that graphic edge.
Jane Scaletta

Owner/President, Explore with Jane

Jules has been a star to work with over the last few years. She has quick response times, and a keen eye for detail. This, paired with her overall great customer service caters itself to an excellent experience. We look forward to working with Jules again in the future.
S. S.

Project Manager, Cayman Islands Tourism Association

Julia is always a fun lady to work with. She is very thorough when it comes to details and always keeps her promise. A joke is never a problem and a problem is solved with a smile. It’s been great to have worked with Julia!
Michael Maes

Wildlife Cinematographer, MAESterpiece Productions

Julia is a great listener and will take feedback and produce great results. She is ALWAYS punctual and is very reasonable with her pricing. Julia is very easy to work with and great at follow up.
Erin Bodden

Account Executive, CreativePeople

Julia is a very talented graphic designer. She is precise and has a great work ethic. She adapts easily even when there are multiple tasks at hand. Julia is an amazing and creative individual and was a pleasure to work with.
Kellie Teixeira

Designer, JB Disney Boy & Girls 2-7

Julia is an incredibly talented graphic designer. She is innovative and extremely knowledgeable of her target customer. She was a joy to work with and is a great asset to any company.
Jennifer Havron

Print Designer, La Senza at Limited Brands

Julia is not only been a great friend but also a mentor. I learned how to use Photoshop 6.0 from her in 2000. Her guidance helped me generate architectural renderings at work. Since then I have always turned towards her for any help that I need with graphics. She is a valuable asset to any design/textile/production/manufacturing company. Her energy, enthusiasm and magnetic personality is a must have in any corporate environment
Manju Vashishta

Owner, MAV Design Concepts